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South Texas Thunderbird Club Jordan Ford Toy Drive - May 2015

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History of Our Club

The forerunner of STTC was the Alamo Area Vintage Thunderbird Club formed on September 30, 1979. The founder of the club was Willard A. Lang. There were 20 original members. Most of the other Founding Members have since passed or moved on to other adventures. In 1986, the club name was changed to Lang's Alamo Area Vintage Thunderbird Club in honor of the founder. The minutes for the December 1988 meeting still indicate that name for the club. We have not yet found at what point in our history the name was changed to South Texas Thunderbird Club.
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Club Members' Stories
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Click Here for Ray Clark's story
Click Here for Brian & Marilyn Carron's story
Click Here for Gerry & Cheryl Busald Car Story
Click Here for Stan Leutbecher's Full Story!

Military Service Past In Review
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Click Here for Joe McMahon's story!-Now Deceased
Click Here for Barry "Bear" Floyd's story
Click Here for Lou Paliani's story!
Click Here for Richard Lamothe's story

Other News

Fluids, Parts & Tools To Carry In Tbird
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A listing of Tbird Parts & Service providers have been collected. The information is available to STTC Members only. Contact STTC Officers for a copy.

Where NOT to park your Bird!
Silly video.
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Thunderbird Repair & Restoration Shops~South Texas
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Known Thunderbird Registrys
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