Saturday, September 24th 11am we took a short Intown Cruise to The Rusty Bucket Jaw Smacking BBQ for lunch. That followed with a tour to the Port San Antonio Tech Center for an enjoyable tour of their newly opened Modern Technology Museum. Here are pix and a report on that activity.

For those who missed Saturday the 24th South Texas Thunderbird Club event ya’all missed a very tasty BBQ lunch that was followed by a most interesting museum visit that was full of interactive displays.To get things started there was an 11am meet up at the Rusty Bucket BBQ restaurant located North of Highway 90 on Cupples Road. This is a long-established restaurant that has a good local following not to mention delicious house made pecan pie slices. Prices were reasonable for meals, and I don’t think anyone walked out still hungry. There were 19 folks at lunch representing the Club and the cars were parked outside near the main door. On the downside the lot was not paved as smoothly as some of us would have liked and getting out onto the street as a group was hampered by a stop light on the corner.


However, the stop light was a minor issue since several of us didn’t know where we were going anyway because it seemed the GPS systems failed in mapping routes to the museum. At last, everyone showed up at the SAMSAT building. Tour guides readily admitted GPS systems frequently failed especially once people are in close proximity to the museum.

Once on site at the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology (SAMSAT) which is in the Port of San Antonio portion of Kelly AFB of years ago we had a guided tour planned out for us.

Inside the museum an energetic tour guide leads the STTC group along and demonstrating different features of a host of technological displays from Morse code machines, early Datapoint CPUs to selfdriving cars. Clearly the things that were shown here have long been left behind with the advances made across the science field but it’s very interesting to see what has been worked on already.

Other displays included things currently being set up for Moon habitation. A number of different local institutions are combined to solve the life adjustments folks will have to deal with on Moon living conditions. Not the least is travel between Earth and Moon. A Lego block city is being set up to develop ways to handle city traffic problems and redirect commuters. There were computer screens that registered your hand and arm movement to affect robotic chores in medicine including surgery. There was well over an hour of touring and then anyone who would like to return to any display were free to do so. It was felt by several members that this museum would warrant a revisit maybe next year as displays are always being added or updated and you don’t have to be a “techy” to enjoy what is there.

Stan Andrews STTC

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